September 16, 2017

Kelburn 4's @FortressCube

After breaking every 3's pre-season record set in club history, and with a mighty double figure crowd in attendance, the bar was set high for the GUMHC 3XI to kick off the season with a bang.
With captain Calum Davidson across the pond in Europe, reportedly being scouted for the EHL, vice captain Maitland Murray led the charge.

Despite some of the lads being in peaky condition from the tail end of freshers week, the intensity was high from the start and GU dominated the first 20 with strong possesion and good link-up play.
Our fast start was rewarded when Angus Gillespie's reverse strike was saved, and the ball dropped to Matthew Balmer to slot it home for 1-0. 
Although we continued to create chances into the second half, we didn't convert and as Kelburn's short corner count grew, our one goal didn't look to be enough.

However, this was put to bed as the iconic duo linked up again, with Balmer taking it past a few defenders before shipping it to Angus Gillespie across the D, who fired it past the keeper to secure the win 2-0.

Overall, it was a strong start for the Men's 3XI, playing some good hockey, and with a healthy dose of fresher talent joining the squad, West District 2 (and the GUWHC) will have their eyes on us for a promising season ahead.

MOTM: Dylan Pinney, aka Sesh God, formerly known as Sesh Boy prior to his promotion.
Donkey: TeamBoy

November 04, 2017

Match report vs Giffnock

Following a big performance against an overrated Abertay spirits were high coming into a tough game against Giffnock. Despite the loss of top scorers Balmer and Gus the forwards had a major boost thanks to the return of veteran striker Liam "Pele" Roberts and rumour of a Dave and Liam strike partnership. However such partnership was not to be and is still eagerly awaited.


The match began with typical 3s fashion with high intensity and early pressure with some great movement from the forwards. Following a long spell of 3s pressure Giffnock break forward and win a short corner which they convert against the run of play. Despite the set back the 3s keep their heads up and continue looking dangerous. The half ends 1-0 and head in for another inspirational team talk.


Suitably inspired the team continue where they left off with plenty good movement and intent but still struggled to convert in the final 3rd. Giffnock get a foot in the game and pin the 3s in their own half for a period but we emerge unscathed and begin a big push for an equalised. The intensity was high and a goal seemed looming when tragedy struck and the opposition won another short corner and converted it with little time left. Final whistle blew at 2-0 point. Disappointing result in a winnable game but another massive shift from the team.


MOTM - Orf

Donkey- Issac

November 01, 2017

Match Report v Abertay 1s

The day started like a typical 3s game day. Several of us, as usual, met at Bank Street for a cheeky breakfast, was delicious. Vice-captain Maitland thought the pushback time was the meet time and so was still in bed. The bus drove up to HH13, Maitland got ready in record time of 7 mins.


We arrived in Dundee bright and bushy tailed, an empire biscuit and a coffee was the ultimate game day meal. The team looked professional in the warm up with Dave drinking his coffee on the go, multi-tasking is a great talent to have. Some inspiring words from Dave rallied the team, messages around the lines of “Any game is winnable” (optimistic) and 100% effort was reiterated.


The game began, and from the off it was clear we would be locked in our own half for most of the day. The first 10 passed and no goal yet, thanks to some unbelievable defending from Orf Hector. Several short corners passed, still no goal for the Polytechnic from Dundee. A couple of lucky goals near the end of the first half put GU down 2-0 down with a couple of minutes to go. Then it was our chance. Gustavo with some fabby hold up play then played in Stuart open on the left. He drove into the D. What’s he going to do? He takes it slightly wide round the keeper and cuts back, Balmer is standing on p spot with an open goal. Stuart fucks it.


Half time: Abertay 2-0 Glasgow University Men’s Hockey Club 3s.


Dave was over the moon with the effort in the first half and noted they were there for the taking on the counter attack. We have the pace.


The second half began. Dylan had been marking a slightly optimistic boy on the left, no.13, and believed he was not playing hockey. Sass. God claims no.13 touched him which he responded, “I swear to god if you fucking touch me again”. The boy has not been seen since.


Abertay came out with ruthlessness and bagged a couple of goals. Were still in it. Balmer thought he was Messi and decided to take on the whole team, gets past 4, they fall like FIFA street, and falls at the last hurdle. Good effort though. Balmer’s run gave some confidence to the team, maybe a bit too much for some as Dave and Gustavo both attempt ariel’s. They travel a combined 8 yards. We should really know our own skill levels.


A fast-paced attack from Abertay see them driving at the D. Some boy whose quite good drives along top D. Whistle goes. Boy plays on. Orf- “Whistle, Whistle, Whistle, OI WHISTLE”. They had a short which Sammy takes in the balls. He defo isn’t having any kids now.


A couple more goals for Abertay and the game finishes 7-0. A class effort from the lads, one for which they should all be proud of.


Honorable mentions:

• The ultimate club man that he is, Liam drove the bus in place for Balmer.

• Rendle and Balmer swap positions with 10 mins to go. Why are we making it harder for ourselves?

• Balmer hates the umpire with a passion.

• Sesh in evening was class. TB, is making a habit of this, dies and comes back to life better than ever. I hate you TB.


MOTM: Hector

Donkey: Maitland

October 28, 2017

Glasgow 3s v Kelburne 4s – The Return of the Doctor

The Captain had left us for London, leaving Maitland to step into his small shoes. On arrival, it turned out the Crawford had hurt his leg after running from the train to the game and then preceded to shit himself leaving us a man down. Fear not though, the reliable Sam O-H had decided to watch and was rewarded with a call up to the big leagues – thank fuck.


We started well, although there was a slight scare in the early stages as Hector attempted his ever unreliable lifted pass, straight into the Kelburne forward in the D – not ideal, but thankfully the short didn’t result in anything. Up at the other end, the pressure was showing and Gus managed to blag another, thanks to the selflessness of his attacking partner in crime Balmer.


There was a moment that Lyle would have been jealous of as Julian decided to leapfrog a child in order to reach the ball although this unfortunate didn’t work out as he planned…


Further good play and pressure at the far end saw Balmer match Gus’ work with a goal for himself and by the end of the half we were up 2-0 and Noel hadn’t touched the ball yet – goals.


The second half started well, although we were caught on the counter attack and the result was another short corner. This time they played around with it top D and managed to put it into the back of the net…


We recovered quickly and Colin somehow found himself infront of the keeper after a short, expertly volleying it into the back of the net, even Neymar would have been proud. However, after being given, the goal was taken away – something about it being the first shot after the short… blag.


This wasn’t the end though as Balmer quickly made it 3-1 and the Doctor returned to grace us with his presence after being called up to the 2s to finish off a well worked goal. Cant remember how, but we managed to win ourselves a flick, and Ju ran away faster than anyone has ever seen him run. Fair. Balmer converts for his hat-trick and Gus looks disappointed as the Golden Stick is running away from him.


End of the day, it was a good run out, and honorable mention to Mike who made a strong debut and will no doubt be a regular feature later on this season.


MOTM: Doctor

Donkey: julien

Goals: Balmer(3), gus, doctor

PS Donkey bracelet is a thing now.

October 24, 2017

Glasgow Uni v Edinburgh Uni 6 match report

Glasgow uni missing el capitan and wonder boy balmer up front causes edinburgh uni to be able to score 3 easy goals.


In the closing moments of the game doc is given a pass from pullar who then dinks it backpost to TB who finishes it. Mad. Also team boys first goal of the season which resulted in him getting donkey.


Final score 3-1 not ideal.


We all had a good night to look forward too tho, straight too craftys for olympic pick and mix then to viper.


honourable mentions go to doc for his apparently "epic nutmeg" which resulted in nothing. Also shoutout to maitlands spectacular filming of moody on the dance floor where he assaults some poor girl. Blaz: "that's someone's daughter" "they're all just faces to moody ... what he leaves of their faces"




Donkey - TB


Goal- TB

October 21, 2017

Match Report against ESM 3s

First of all, the bus. The Glasgow boys had heroically made it to the 10am meet after various excursions the night before, including one wet individual choosing a Saturday night out at Kushion over his faithful Hive. Poor. However, to their dismay, the lads were left stranded for an hour due to a certain fiasco regarding their bus to the capital. Thus, Glasgow found themselves searching frantically for any kind of transport possible. Four members even had to stoop as low as to venture into a cream mini. How emasculating.


Of course, despite the panic, Glasgow made it on time. Standard.


So finally the, game. ESM started by giving Glasgow far too much room and their lacklustre work rate was quickly punished as Balmer latched on to a pull back; ‘these boys are ready for retirement not development’ - Colin Melia. 1-0. A solid start from Glasgow and ESM could tell they were in for a tough game.


This suspicion was made certain when Balmer plucked a ball from the air, brought it down and pinged it bottom left. Class finish sir.


Glasgow seemed to grow slightly too comfortable with such an early 2-0 lead and were made to pay for their complacency as ESM made it 2-1 after catching Glasgow sleeping through a sloppy goal.


Glasgow then grow back into the game and proceed to gain a short corner. The early dominance has got some of us rather excited and ORF sees glory, the glory of a first goal for the mighty Glasgow, and punts the ball into the goal. Feet are not, and for the foreseeable future, shall not be part of the game. Sorry ORF.


The rest of the first half was relatively quiet but Glasgow continued to achieve good possession and control the game. This not epitomised by Welsh Spice’s lethal attack of a pass at his fellow spice compadre Team Spice.


Subsequently the first half finished with Glasgow in the ascendancy. The boys were pleased with their opening efforts but knew that improvement was possible. Onwards. Upwards.


The second half began with more good play from Glasgow leading to a short corner which fell to Balmer. He pings another. He’s on a hat-trick. Its a sweet sweet strike. It sails towards… a Julian ‘the goal stealer’ deflection. ‘I swear I thought it was headed wide’. Naughty.


By now ESM are, understandably, pretty pissed at being outplayed by such a classy display. One of their old boys decides he’s had enough and starts to get rash. Green card sir. This leads to us receiving yet more space, leading to some gorgeous build up play before Crawford decides this is far beyond what he believes Glasgow should be aspiring to and hence booting the ball off the pitch and bringing the lads back down to earth.


The game ends 3-1. Another excellent result from the boys. We all head back to the better city, the more enlightened of us via Morrisons for their excellent £3 meal deal.


Super Sunday then commenced with a few of the lads watching a typically class display from the Spurs up at Billiards before grabbing some excellent scan from Crafty.


Super Sunday then ended, for some of us, leaving beer bar far too early to write a match report. Such early surrender, and thus wetness, has been charged with the sentence of a yard on Wednesday.


MOTM - Julian (Brag).

Donkey - ORF.

Goals - Balmer 2, Julian 1.


Honorable mentions:


Crawford for making us all feel very self conscious about our physical wellbeing, ‘fuck he’s rapid’ - Dave.


Jack for denying an ESM lad a slither of pride after he attempted to chip him after the final whistle had gone. Class chip to be fair. Jack dealt with such attempted insult accordingly, sending the boy home with his tail truly between his legs.


Dave, Dylan and Team boy for perpetually competing for position of most spicy threes member, (We await your arrival to the competition keenly Lyle).


Maitland for flooring a lad for getting passed him. Class commitment.

October 20, 2017

Match report against Helensburgh

Probably the less said about the first 15 minutes the better. 2-0 down. Rough.


A period of ping pong in the D saw the ball fall to Balmer who finally put the sword to Helensburgh after a Gus assist. Sae scrappy but the boys were back in at 2-1.


Helensburgh didn’t enjoy losing their 2-1 cushion and after their number 16 dribbling like a fresher after a skite bus it was 3-1.


But the boys bounced back once again and after Hector sliding to convert a deflected Balmer shot we took back that cushion. Majestic sir.


Helensburgh score again. Fuck the cushion. We didn’t want it anyway. 4-2.


Halftime. Good team talk from El Capitan. HWFG boys.


The second half arrived and so did the Tardis. It was time to exterminate.


Dylan Pinney then proceeded to execute a cross only two Welshmen have been known to produce, himself and a certain Gareth. There was no longer valleys between the teams; it was a tight affair.


Then someone scored for Helensburgh. Sound.


By now the pace of the game was up at a sonic tempo. The Doctor, using his screwdriver to encapsulate the intensity, found himself one on one. He looked the goalkeeper in the eye, freezing him like a weeping angel and chipped it beyond his stoney grasp. Scenes.


The Glasgow boys were galvanised and after some more liquid hockey Gus found himself at the top of the D. Flick. “Bins, bins, bins”. Screams of Istanbul 2005 reigned down from the away end. The comeback was complete.


The finishing moments were upon us. It was in the balance. Chance... Helensburgh score. 6-5. Despite Glasgow throwing everything at it, other than Hector trying to take the pitch from centre back, it was over.


Unbelievable shift from the boys against a very strong side, especially second half. We go again tomorrow.


MOTM - Doctor and his sonic screwdriver.

Donkey - Maitland and his ProPlus.

Goals- hector, balmer, the doctor(2), gus


Honourable mentions:


Rendle getting a bit over excited in the last 10 minutes by the goal fest and proceeding to become far too friendly with the final third, “Rendle can’t seem to keep his fucking position” - Sayssgod.


Maitland producing a come down not witnessed since Lindsey Lohan in 2011. Great work.


Balmer ruining Heritage Highschool’s restrooms with his “liquid shit”.


(Sorry for the lack of iambic pentameter Ju xoxo)

October 17, 2017

Away vs Stirling 3s

The game commenced with a high intensity from Glasgow, applying lots of unwanted pressure on Stirling who were being dominated early on.


The first goal came from Balmer of course. Balmer's prowess allowed him to runs rings around a few stirling boys who haven't been taught the tackle yet. Then he plays it through two guys to Gus at the side who plays the ball across the keeper. A classic sweaty goal which balmer puts away easily.


The second goal also comes from Balmer. Classic. The ball comes from far away into the D which Pullar tactically left allowing the ball to roll over to Balmer who flicked it to the side of the keeper who stood no chance.


Rob mascarpone or tagliatelle (a suitable nickname has to be agreed soon) cuts about up front in the CF role not realising that he's meant to track back but puts some good balls into the d and shows off some pretty tidy dribbling for a goalkeeper to make up for this.


Next there is a goal from Stirling making it 2-1. A Stirling boy makes a shite pass which deflects of a Glasgow stick and goes to a Stirling player i've been told hasn't ever played hockey before who finishes it.


Our third goal came from Gus. The ball comes to gus from a rebound and he manages to flick the ball around the goalie and puts it away over the backboard. Spectacular finish.


Stirling use some kind of sorcery to whip in an undeserved second goal. The ball comes to sammy and he kicks it but the ball goes through his pads (we better get the checked out) then stirling player scores into an open goal. Very unfortunate for Sammy who had a good game.


3-2 at half time. A real wake up call as we realise that we have let in some shite scrappy goals from not marking up and tracking back enough. Which easily happens when you play against a side who aren't a high standard. However, in the second half we step it up and put a great shift in.


At the start of the second half moody decides to move high up the pitch further than any defender has before but manages to track back and puts in some vital tackles alongside Rendal who is bit of a beast, that goes without saying. Making some fabulous link up play and some solid tackles.


Balmer gets the ball again seeking for his hatrick, he roasts the ball at the keeper but a stirling boy blocks it with his stick which he uncontrollably throws in the air. This is a formality for any of Balmers shots. A short corner is awarded, which we won a bunch of throughout the game of which we didn't manage to put away. Also, shots from Balmer, Gus and others didn't manage to meet the back of the net.


The Stirling ultras made distant high pitch cries trying to put off the strong Glasgow side, the cackling fans were slagging Pullar saying he belonged on the bench but this was only because of a bump on the Stirling pitch which caused the ball to bobble over Pullars stick, however this didn't effect his game one bit.


Babs puts in a spectacular ball across the d but as per there is nobody in sight of the backpostal area. Also, Finn decides to do what he does best running down the line and creates some good chances which frustratingly come to nothing.


Maitland has a cracker of a game so the opposition decide to target him as he posed too much of a threat on goal. The stirling boy hooks maitlands feet and he goes flying, a horrendous tackle. maitland appleals to the ref who goes "I didn't see it" which infuriates maitland, but he keeps his cool and causes havoc.


Dave goes on a rampage recking folk and balmer decides to take matters into his own hands by dribbling through the stirling boys front sticks who don't know how to stop him. It must be his white chinos and fashionable jacket which intimidated the opposition. Giving balmer a hattrick. Classic.


Our fourth goal came from balmer who heard a distant call of execute order 66 which he carried out to seal his long sought after hatrick. It was a shot from gus which the keeper rebounded to balmer who tucked it away to make it 4-2. The crowd goes wild as Balmer celebrates to the many Glasgow fans.


Sammy decides to make sure he gets the ball this time by putting his two feet into the poor stirling boys face subsequently missing the ball. fortunately the ref wasn't watching as per so decides to give a short, the most rash call i've ever witnessed. definitely should have been a pen and maybe a sending off. despite this sammy claims to have made a lovley tackle. The stirling boy goes for a hit and it thankfully skims past the far post


Honourable mentions:


Orf makes about 10 vital tackles throughout the game where he tackles the man then collapses and takes the man out who flys over his head having no clue how he got there. Classic orf putting his body on the line


Stuart makes a fabulous debut for the 3s, saying he cuts about causing mayhem would be the biggest understatement of the year.


New TB is apart of lots of link up play and uses some never seen before what seemed to be 4D skills to beat his men. Classic team boy.


Final score - 4-2

Man of the match - Orf

Donkey - Sammy

Goals- Balmer(3), gus

October 10, 2017

BUCS Cup vs Edinburgh 6’s @The Fort.

With rumours of our impressive form already circulating the country, Edinburgh arrived at the Fortress knowing their first competitive game would be tough.


Push-Back commenced and It wasn’t long before Glasgow drew first Blood as a rebound from a Matthew Balmer strike was slotted home by Alex.


It wasn’t long before Matt “The Balmer” Balmer smashed in a second back-right of the net to make it 2-0. Unconfirmed reports of a deft touch from Sean en route, however Matt gets the glory and David Calumson takes the assist.


“Assists are where it counts” Calum Davidson 2k17.


Glasgow were playing some magical hockey, which was demonstrated as Angus “The Wizard” Gillespie produced something that can only be described as pure sorcery. Picks up the ball on the baseline, and flicks (genuinely flicks) the ball straight into the back of the net. Absolute screamer. Scenes.


Half time comes and goes and the frustration from Edinburgh begins to show when a shot from Kirk Finnpatrick was stopped by their foot, and a penalty flick was awarded to Glasgow. Matthew “The Doctor” Smith backs himself, steps up and shoots it straight at the keeper. However we all know Matt has the ability to move through space and time, so the ball passes through the keeper and it’s 4-0.


At the other end, Edinburgh have played into the D and take a swing at the ball, Miss, then take it second time and score. Deemed as not dangerous and they’ve pulled one back to 4-1.


In other news, it appeared Dylan has died at wing back and was screaming for a sub, however nobody took notice for several minutes so he remained a mixture of winded and shouting to the side which was quite funny. I thought only mortals got injured but there you go.


Glasgow started to focus again and won a short. Finn’s injection “tactically” dribbles to the edge of the D, the defence rushes up, we ship the ball right slip and Balmer scores his second of the day with a lovely shot inside post.


As the game entered the last stages, Finn and Dave linked up with some lovely ticka-tacka play. Dave “may i assist you” Calumson plays it first time to Gus, who again forgets he plays for the 3’s and smashed it top bins first time. As beautiful as the sunset over Garscube.


In the final minutes Edinburgh scored their second from a short but it was only a consolation as the game was already won.


A great shift again and a team effort from the whole squad. The mighty cup run continues, with an incredibly tough game against Abertay 1’s in the next round. However if anyone can make the impossible, possible, it’s the GUMHC 3rd XI.


Final Score 6-2.


Balmer (2) Gus (2) Blood (1) Matt Smith (1)

Mom: Babar

Donkey: Isaac

October 06, 2017

GUMHC 3XI v Rottenrow 2s

The second home game, the second home victory. Saturday was a magnificent day for the GUMHC 3XI. The team strode out onto the field with a roaring crowd at their back. Having just witnessed the 2XI coming, seeing and conquering Falkirk 2s 11-2, the fans couldn't possibly expect a better game. Murmurs of "there's no way this game will top that" echoed around the home-team dugout. Oh, how those murmurs were wrong.


A strong squad of 16 entered the fray, with head manager Liam orchestrating the force. This battle was sure to be a struggle. Both teams fighting for the top-spot of the league, there was no doubt that an even battle was at hand.


The first ten minutes wasn't an easy ten minutes for Glasgow. Rottenrow began with a strong attack, taking full advantage of some scrappy play from the Uni team. An early goal saw Glasgow 1-0 down within the first quarter of the match. However, this early blow did not leave the 3XI disheartened and acted as a much-needed wake up call. It was time to show Rottenrow what it meant to be young and fit...


An attacking response to Rottenrow's early goal saw Dave give Julien a ball into space, allowing a shot at goal. Something had to come from such a valiant effort; the team was not disappointed as the ball sailed into the back of the goal, deflected off an opposition's stick.


The first half ended with a 1-1 draw. Dave knew that if they were to come away from this match with a win, drastic measures had to be made. Nevertheless, he had come prepared. Dave's late nights studying various formation adjustments and practicing his half time speeches in the mirror had all led to this moment. A slightly deeper centre-midfielder and a switch from zonal to man-marking in midfield-defence was sure to change the dynamic of the game. Head manager Liam indicated the space out wide that was available on the attack, noting that the use of width was the team's strongest asset.


The half-time talk was a vital point in the game. It was clear now what changes had to be made. All the points were taken into account and the attack began again. Any Rottenrow attacking opportunities were shut down by the midfield and many Glasgow counter attack opportunities resulted in outcomes in the D. One of these outcomes was a short corner. A strong injection from Owen F and a flick from Gus was all that was needed to take the lead. Inches wide. The attack continued at 1-1.


A counter attack chance appeared for Matthew Balmer. A shot! A save! The ball was loose! GOAL! Finn K had scored to bring the team into the lead for the first time in the match. Glasgow heads were held high at 2-1. Another goal of a very similar description came soon after, giving the 3XI a two-goal cushion at 3-1.


The score stayed the same, with Rottenrow creating occasional chances for themselves, never quite finishing with a goal. Jack in goals made sure of this. The team fought courageously for the remainder of the game, putting their bodies on the line, particularly Dave and Dylan, who were able to run into goal posts and fences alike. However, neither were able to secure the vote of donkey as Hector's theft of the team kit trumped both contenders. An excellent end to an excellent match.


Final Score: 3-1

Man of the Match: Finn

Donkey: Hector

September 29, 2017

Away vs Hillhead 5s

The rain had started to fall as the GUMHC 3XI arrived at the High School of Glasgow playing fields. As the shower thickened, the team made their way out onto the pitch to begin the warm up; the calm before the storm. Dave's first game as captain was sure to be preceded by a stirring team talk, readying the players, some old, some new. As the rain was at its heaviest, pushback was imminent. The storm began.

The first half was frustrating for the GUMHC side. Dominating in possession but never able to score. A reverse-stick shot from Hector was a good chance, but an empty back-post saw no outcome. A couple of short corners also provided chances which were well saved. It was quickly established that the Hillhead keeper was their best player. Making countless saves in the first half of the game, scoring could prove to be a struggle for Glasgow Uni team. Hillhead were playing well, but they did not match the speed and fitness that the 3XI used to cover any counter attacks put their way. Some aerial balls from Hillhead's defence did threaten the Glasgow defence once or twice, but with Sam K in goals making two reassuring saves the first half never had any real panic. The GU side were playing well.

An injury in Dylan's left knee late on in the first half from a flying hockey ball prevented him from playing on. This had potential to be a game changer as without him the left wing back position was looking vulnerable, Dylan's boots were big to fill but thankfully David was able to step in and cover any holes.


As half time approached the rain stopped and the sun came out: surely a sign of better things to come. The half-time talk was clear: they had to pass round the back 3 more, look for the space out wide and not cram one side of the pitch. In the second half this was understood and administered. Quick passing and scanning the pitch for space allowed GU to infiltrate the Hillhead D over and over until an outcome was inevitable. Another short corner... but still no goal.


Eventually the Hillhead D was attacked for the umpteenth time and play was scrappy. The ball going back and forth between teams, Glasgow pressing well but never getting a meaningful strike. All of sudden Maitland stepped in. The vice captain had had enough of this nonsense and took the ball on his reverse, slotting it into the bottom left corner. Unsavable. First goal of the match well into the second half. Hillhead heads hang while Glasgow go gleaming back to reset for the next phase of play. 1-0.


The boys making their debut for the club were playing well. Notably Colin, who was able to run circles around the opposition and sent a magnificent through-ball to Balmer who took a first time shot at the bottom right corner and pushed the score-line to 2-0. This was quickly made 3-0 when Finn drove into the D from a turn-over and took an early shot, into the back of the net.


Glasgow heads were held high at 3-0, but concentration may have been lost when a Hillhead aerial ball compelled Sam OH to relive his dream of becoming a professional baseball player and attempted a home run, swinging through the ball with all his might and glory. Sam's dreams were crushed when he didn't even make it to first base, awarding Hillhead a short corner and in turn a goal. Sam received donkey for this.


All in all it was a fantastic game. As Dave's first game as captain, and many boys making their debut for the club, a 3-1 victory was excellent. A song in the shower and match teas in the Crafty Pig completed a great day out for the GUMHC 3XI.


Final Score: 3-1

Man of the Match: Finn

Donkey: Sam

Goals: TB, balmer, finn

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