October 21, 2017

vs Menzieshill 2 in the cup

The 2's went into this game on the back of a disappointing loss against Stirling with a hint of trepidation. Grove 2's playing well in the league above us didn't make for encouraging reading. The pre-match chat centered around improving on weakness's exploited by Stirling; increasing tactical awareness in various situations and maintaining focus in tougher periods of the game.

First half. Grove dominated possession with some early pressure without ever really threatening our goal. The organisation and concentration of both midfield and defense ensuring they struggled to create anything. Up front the press was leaving a lot to be desired, but the forwards were looking dangerous on the counter. The 2's first real opportunity arose when yours truly drove down the left wing crossed to RDB who had almost an open goal to aim for. Alas it wasn't to be as a rogue bobble (blag) took the ball away from him. At this point the 2's were beginning to realise that this game was winnable and were growing in stature as the game progressed. The rest of the first half passed largely without note, the defense putting in a shift to clear a few short corners.
Half time. At this point it had sunk in for everyone that we were actually okay at hockey and could get a shock win with the right attitude. There was a doomed attempt to sort out the press, and an emphasis on getting outcomes when attacking.

Second half. The 2's start well, Niklas and Ruben having shots saved by the keeper. Cairns then slotted a loose ball home, only for the umpire to pull it back to give us a short for an infringement seconds before. Infuriating. At this point the 2's were fully fired up, winning 50/50's and playing some nice hockey. As was commented by the Grove captain about his own players " I can't believe how soft these lads are". They don't call us the hardest team in the Scottish regional plate for no reason. The game was there for the taking, and what was required was cool heads and calm and collected hockey. A perfect time then for myself to misjudge a 50/50 with the keeper and end up sliding right into him. An infuriatingly stupid error on my part resulting in a 10 minute sin bin. Apologies to all. With the 2's down to 10 men the dynamics of the game changed, Grove trying to make the most of the numerical advantage. Try as they may though they came up against a brick wall again and again, with everyone putting in a huge shift to keep them out. The 2's go back up to a full complement and the game is getting fraught with both teams chasing a winner. After a small spell of Grove pressure in our 25 Niklas saunters through a couple of boys on our 25 and plays a delicious through ball to myself. Sprinting towards their goal I notice out the corner of my eye Sam bombing it to back post. The ball is slipped back post and he dives in with all the majesty of a wheelie bin being knocked over in a strong breeze, slotting it in as he goes. The 2's are 1-0 up with 8 mins to go. Huge. All the talk was of seeing this one out and playing smart fort the last few, however it was not to be as they equalised through a grubby short corner 2 mins later. We would not be brought down though, and RDB pulled out an unreal turn, beating the keeper and slotting home. But wait, its been disallowed, again. For what I'm still not entirely sure, but that's the game finished at 1-1.


"Flicks are such a useless skill, why are we practicing them" - Ben Dunwoody -19/10/2017.
The possibility of this outcome had been discussed, but tbh no-one really saw it happening. Fools. The 5 were chosen.
RDB, Blair, Charlie, Sam, Niklas all backing themselves.
We win the coin toss and RDB steps up and flicks top left beautifully but their lad scores as well.
2's 1-1 Grove.
Blaz waddles up to the spot and for his moment in the spotlight. He dribbles it bottom left, but their keeper is so astounded by how bad it was he forgets to dive and it rolls in. Sean then saves the Grove flick:
2's 2 - 1 Grove.
Charlie and Sam then proceed to take some less elegant flicks which are unfortunately saved. Blushes were saved though as their Grove counterparts both fail, with 1 miss and 1 save;
2's 2-1 Grove.
Up steps Niklas with the burden of knowledge that if he scores the 2's have won. The stakes are high but thankfully Germans are immune to pressure, and famously good at penalties. He steps up, scores, and the celebrations commence. The 2's have won and are through to the semi finals.
One of my favourite wins in my time at GUMHC, although it is an admittedly small sample size. Well done to all that played, everyone can walk off the pitch with their heads held high, effort was excellent all game. Many things to improve before Wednesday, onwards and upwards.


Scorer: Sam OH
MOTM: Sean Mahoney
Donkey: Seb C

October 17, 2017

Glasgow Uni 2s (H) vs Stirling 1s (A)

The whistle blew and we were off in a highly intense and competitive game. For the first 20 minutes, it was slightly in our favour, we had the possession and the chances, but unfortunately not the outcomes. Stirling breaks on us and continue to press up the pitch slipping through the defensive line and playing it around the keeper to claim the first goal.


Stirling was in the lead so they decided to play half court, which worked well for them as we were struggling to find passes and easily link up plays. Luckily the times we got into the D we got short corners. 2 failed Ross Michies and an in and out later, we got a deflected Ross Michie scored by Matt Wilson. This put us back in the game 1-1 at halftime.


The second half was a struggle, it was anyone's game at this point. Very good movement from our midfield during this time, yet 10 minutes into the second half a heinous pass from a 16 gave their centre forward the ball. From this he dribbled into the D and scored, putting Stirling 2-1 in the lead.


We hadn't given up just yet until Stirling broke again and score their third goal. This is when heads went down and we had sealed in the loss. With 10 minutes still to go, we were playing sloppy and couldn't link more than 5 passes together. Luckily we didn't concede any more goals.


Fulltime 3-1 Stirling

October 06, 2017

Home vs Falkirk

The sun came out as the team arrived at the fortress giving hope to the boys that it would be raining goals for them today. The pre-game locker chat centralised around various aspects of alumni weekend. We were reminded before we took to the cube that a win was a must against a fired up' Falkirk team that would bring a weighty presence to the pitch.


After a delayed warm-up and a few loss aerials nearly taking out some members of the team. We were ready for the match to begin. We could not have imagined the score that would end the game. The team started with intensity and skill and it was not long until the first of many GUHC 2s goals peppered the Falkirk net. This intensity stayed with the team for most of the first quarter as our high press and use of width made it hard for Falkirk to get into the game. Four more goals were to be scored in a short time in the first half and the crowd on the side turned up the volume to support the boys.


However, tragedy was the hit an unlikely number 13 and an 'inexcusable' (quote their umpire) act was punished with a green card. For some reason or another this led to the intensity falling from the boys in gold and Falkirk got us napping in defence as we conceded a short corner. This was the lead to Falkirks first goal and maybe gave them a little bit of hope. We went into the break 5-1 up.


The issues with intensity we had in the 2nd quarter were not mirrored in the third and hattricks were finished off by Seb, Henrick and Duncan to give us an astounding lead. Although Falkirk were to score again we finished off on top with an amazing 11-2 victory.


Attendence: in the 10s but fluctuated through out the match.


Goals from: Seb, Henrick, Duncan, Ben, Pickles.

Man of the match: Henrick

October 03, 2017

Home vs Heriot Watt 2s

It was a grey unpleasant day out at Garscube. The GUMHC 2nd team were looking to get their first win in BUCS 3A. After an inspirational speech enforcing intensity, playing positively and doing the basics correctly the boys took to the field. The warm up was fast paced and electric, the game then proceeded to commence.


After a scrappy 15 mins with moments of magic from either side, the deadlock was broken by a slingshot Ross Michie corner routine placed in the near post by Andrew Sinclair. Play then continued end to end. Heriot watt had promising pieces of play, mainly with joy through some effective runners with pace in the midfield and a direct scoop from their left back. Glasgow were unlucky to not convert a second short corner, after a strike from Hay at top D was saved off the line with a stick from one of their post men. At half time the score was 1-0 to Glasgow.


As the second half commenced the boys in black and gold came out flying. Sam Heggarty's fast hands and eye for goal allowed him to convert Glasgow's second after an audacious chip from a tight angle. Sinclair then slotted away another short from the left hand side after going near post again. Shortly after that Matt's grit and determination allowed him the opportunity to hear the sound of the backboard echo around Garscube. After some spells of counter attacking hockey, heriot watt had the chance to break Glasgow's clean sheet, however, the final ball was not there today for the Edinburgh side. To finish, Alex Fortester(Pickles) decided to give it a smack from the top of the D, much to everyone's surprise, he cleanly strikes the ball and it glides in to the roof of the net nearly connecting with Heggarty's head on the way to the goal. A truly superb strike. After that the game was more or less over and Glasgow saw the game out comfortably, coming away with their first 3 points in their BUCS campaign.


Attendance: 8 (Not including subs)

MOTM: Leon Hay

Donkey: Pickles

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